Community Input & Review

The Farmton Plan was developed through stakeholder collaboration, the purpose of which to engage individuals representing a broad range of interests – environmental, government, civic, economic, agricultural, recreational and other interests– and invite them to help create that vision and plan for Farmton.

Participants included representatives from state and local government, businesses and environmental groups, and interested citizens.  The majority of ideas generated from these workshops were incorporated into the Plan.  In addition, the greenprint itself was vetted with The Nature Conservancy, Audubon of Florida, Volusia Forever, and Brevard Environmental and Endangered Lands. 

Customized Planning for Each County

While Brevard and Volusia may be adjacent counties of similar size, there are two different planning contexts.  Volusia has completed its Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) based amendments and has adopted its award winning Smart Growth Amendment which protection of a 300,000 acre area known as the Environmental Core Overlay (ECO). The Farmton Plan adds 13,000 acres to ECO.

In Brevard County, the Farmton Plan was submitted together with the county's EAR based amendments.  It has provisions in its plan for both "private conservation," transfer of development rights, and "new towns."  Both counties have strong and progressive environmental acquisition programs.  Volusia has a charter requirement for school planning while Brevard requires school concurrency at the development stage.  The Farmton Plan has attempted to meet the requirements of the individual counties.