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Brevard Commission OKs creation of West Viera


December 15, 2009

With minimal discussion, the Brevard County Commission has unanimously adopted a package of planning regulations allowing the creation of West Viera.

Located west of Interstate 95, West Viera covers the remaining undeveloped portion of the Duda family ranch.

The Viera Co. wants to build four "village" communities of 3,500 to 4,000 homes by 2025, along with commercial, institutional and office development.

Earlier, the Commission unanimously approved comprehensive plan amendments for the Miami Corp.’s 50-year development plan of the Farmton Tree Farm.

The family land trust hopes to eventually build 2,306 homes northwest of Scottsmoor.

This land west of Interstate 95 now largely contains forest.

The Miami Corp. is one of Brevard’s largest landowners.