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Farmton Local Plan wins Florida Planning & Zoning Association's Innovation Award

June 14, 2011

On the heels of Sustainable Florida Partnership Award, Volusia and Brevard counties win the 2011 Florida Planning Innovation Award for their collaboration with Miami Corporation and Ivey Planning Group

NAPLES, FL – 06/14/2011 – On June 10, the Florida Planning & Zoning Association (FPZA) recognized Miami Corporation, Ivey Planning Group, Volusia County, and Brevard County with an Innovation Award for their years of partnership on the Farmton Local Plan. A statewide nonprofit organization ‘dedicated to planning and developing a quality Florida’, FPZA is known for their oversight and best practices standards for the planning and zoning industry. The award comes on the heels of the two counties and Miami Corporation receiving another statewide recognition on June 3 for the Farmton Plan from Sustainable Florida for Best Practices Award in the Partnership category.

The four entities won the prestigious honor of Innovation, described by FPZA as an “innovative…project…which is…ahead of its time”, for their collaboration in adopting a vision and plan for the 59,000-acre Farmton Tree Farm. The Plan permanently preserves nearly 80 percent of the land, including a critical regional wildlife corridor and environmentally significant habitat. This forward-thinking, 50-year legacy also provides a plan for creating a sustainable, low impact, mixed use, green community in the future and eliminates the possibility of environmental fragmentation by prohibiting ranchette development patterns on the property.

“We are delighted the Farmton Plan has received so much recognition,” said Glenn Storch, local attorney for Miami Corporation. “It was an extraordinary challenge to create such a large-scale planning, conservation, and sustainable development plan, requiring Miami Corporation and both Brevard and Volusia counties to think comprehensively for the long-term future. County Commissioners and staff’s planning efforts were innovative and forward thinking —the very essence of the award. The Farmton plan is really a legacy plan and we anticipate it will be used as a model for future projects.”

About Florida Planning and Zoning Association’s Awards

The Florida Planning and Zoning Association (FPZA) is a statewide nonprofit organization comprised of people dedicated to planning and developing a quality Florida. It was formed with a mission to "furnish a medium for interchange of information and mutual assistance among those interested in planning and zoning." Originally known as the Florida Planning Association, the organization’s efforts began in the 1920’s with a group of citizens trying to create orderly growth throughout the state. Created in 1951, today’s FPZA non-profit organization has over 1,000 members, planning consultants, architects, engineers, civic leaders, bankers, attorneys, realtors, appraisers, and staff members of county and municipal departments, boards and commissions. Their annual Florida Planning Awards include eleven awards covering legislature, planning studies, journalism, and written project development plans.

About Miami Corporation

Miami Corporation is a privately owned family investment company. It was incorporated in 1917 by descendants of the same family that participated in the founding of International Harvester, a world renowned farm implement company in its day. Several of the family
members owned winter homes in the Miami, Florida area during the early 1900’s, and enjoying their time there, chose Miami as the name for their family investment company. Miami Corporation investments include lands in Oregon and Louisiana as well as Florida.

Miami Corporation and its affiliates have owned the Farmton Tract since the 1920’s and have managed the land for more than 85 years. Miami Corporation is the largest private landowner in Volusia County and one of the largest in Brevard County. Volusia and Brevard counties both recently adopted the Farmton Local Plan, an innovative, long term plan for the 59,000 acre tract which will preserve the environmental gems of Farmton as well as provide for sustainable places for jobs, recreation and living. A total of nearly 80% of acreage will be preserved in perpetuity. For more information visit


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Joel Ivey (left) and Barbra Goering (right)