Volusia Business News: Happy cattle mean lower taxes

Article Posted on May 17, 2018

By Cecil G. Brumley, Hometown News

Adams Ranch and Miami Corp. announced last week that Adams would be running about a hundred head of cattle on the 1,125 acres of land owned by Farmton Deering Park within the City of Edgewater.

Miami Corp. eventually plans to develop the land for residential and commercial uses, expanding Edgewater well west of Interstate 95. The company also plans to create Farmton, a community that could eventually have as many as 25,000 residents.

So, why the move to cattle when Miami Corp.’s operations have mainly been timber, hunting leases and mitigation banking?

For Adams Ranch it makes lots of sense, because it gives the company a lot more land to raise cattle and it’s pretty cheap to feed them when you have hundreds of acres of grass. In the announcement, the companies noted the cattle operation could spread to all of the 60,000 acres Miami Corp. owns in south Volusia and north Brevard counties.

For Miami Corp., it could mean millions of dollars of savings on taxes while it clears land and gets ready to develop it.

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