Gateway to Farmton ready for development

Article Posted on February 8, 2018

By: Tom Holton, Hometown News

Edgewater is moving closer to becoming the gateway to one of the largest single pieces of real estate in Florida.

After nearly a decade of facing court challenges and clearing monumental regulatory hurdles, the northern gateway to the 94-square-mile Farmton property is ready for development.

“It took more than seven years,” said Farmton LLC attorney Glenn Storch. “It seemed to take forever.”

And that was just to get the legal right to develop and conserve Farmton’s 59,000 acres as a single project instead of selling the land off for 3,700 individual “ranchettes” as advocated by critics in an unsuccessful court challenge.

Addressing state, county and city regulators and government officials attending a “pre-application” for development conference Jan. 26 at Edgewater City Hall,  Mr. Storch praised supporters of  Farmton’s efforts to conserve the majority of the land for posterity.            

In partnership with Volusia and Brevard counties, Miami Corp., which owns and manages the land, created the Farmton Local Plan, described as an innovative 50-year vision for the future to place nearly 80 percent of its 44,000 acres into conservation, including a critical regional wildlife corridor and environmentally significant habitat, according to Mr. Storch.

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